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At Portland Danz X-tensions, we are a small school with a strong focus on team work and our 'dance family'.  We offer a wide variety of classes for children and young adults, from beginner to advanced skill levels.


Tiny Tot Ballet (Preschool)


Dance classes for 3 and 4 year old children with strong focus on fun while learning early ballet and jazz movement through games, imagination and dance play.

Students also learn to recognize letters of their name, numbers to 10, how to take turns, the confidence to dance alone, to be a leader, improved listening skills, basic manners and more.

Monday morning & afternoon classes available.

Concerts are optional but those who participate learn memory skills, spacial awareness, further develop confidence and social skills.

Classicl Ballet

Classical Ballet Classes


Once a week ballet classes for 5 to 18 year olds, beginner to advanced levels.  Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus.  Concert performances also see students branch out to experience character, neo classical and lyrical dance styles.  Pointe work is also offered to students at the appropriate age and level of technique.

Through learning ballet students gain poise, self-discipline, spacial awareness both in a team environment and individually, learn muscle development and control, improved memory skills, improved confidence, goal setting and long lasting friendships.

New class for 2023 Teen beginner ballet for those secondary age students who are keen to learn but have never tired ballet before.

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Jazz Classes


Once a week jazz classes for 5 to 18 year olds, beginner to advanced levels.  Australian Teachers of Dancing Jazz Moves syllabus.  For concert performances students may also learn musical theatre and contemporary dance styles.

Jazz dance students learn to have improved cardiovascular functionality, a higher level of strength and control of their bodies, improved flexibility, a higher level of spacial awareness when in a group, faster reaction times, improved memory skills, goal setting skills, improved confidence and make friends for life.

New Class for 2023 Teen beginner jazz for teens keen to learn jazz but don't want to get thrown in with those who have been dancing for years.

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Hip-hop Classes


Once a week hip-hop classes for 6 to 18 year olds, beginner to intermediate levels.  Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus.

Hip-hop dancing teaches the importance of strength and control of the body, develops confidence and spacial awareness, lifts students level of fitness and co-ordination, improves memory skills and creates new friendships.


Tap Dance Classes


Once a week tapping classes for 5 to 18 year olds, beginner to advanced levels.   Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus.  For concert performances students may experience traditional through to "Bootmen" styles of tap routines.

Tap dancing teaches a student improved musicality and rhythm skills.  They also learn the importance of precision and team work for a group to sound as one.  Tapping also develops confidence,  improves memory skills, teaches goal setting and spacial awareness skills, improves leadership skills and creates close knit friendships.

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Musical Theatre
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Musical Theatre Classes


Once a week classes for 6 and overs in singing, dancing and acting.   Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus. 

Musical Theatre students study singing, dancing and acting within the one class.

Students in this class learn to have more confidence within themselves, have improved memory skills, learn goal setting, teamwork and spacial awareness. 

Students learn breathing and enunciation techniques for singing, improvisation and character study for acting and basic jazz dance technique for the dance component.

Competitive classes

Competitive classes (invitation only)

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Competition Troupe


By invitation only.  For dedicated students who wish to further their dance experience and performance skills.  Students learn routines at a higher skill level with a strong focus on team work, technique and performance.


Private Lessons


Technical classes:  For students who want more personal attention to assist them in furthering their level of skill in a choosen style of dance.


Competition solo classes:  By invitation only.  For dedicated students who wish to take their dance further.  Classes focus on increasing skill levels and learning age appropriate solo routines in readiness for performance at competitions.

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