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Available by Order Only

Leather ballet shoes with the ribbons already sewn on.

Child sizes 12 to 3


The Dance Base Support helps build strength in the small important (Intrinsic) muscles of the foot by providing controlled resistance. The development of these muscles is key to supporting a dancers foot work development and the prevention of many common lower leg injuries.

The Reflex Contour is a responsive stretch panel that’s built into the mid-section of the shoe. It allows the shoe to dynamically expand and contract with the dancer's foot, while maintaining fit and aesthetics at all times. These leather shoes also provide a little extra growing room for students as the Reflex Contour will stretch with growing feet.


Sizings are similar to street/school shoes.  4 width variations available

Book a fitting to determine your size of your first pair.


Upon delivery shoes must be fitted onto student ensure correct sizing.


Ballet Shoes - Child Sizes - with ribbons

  • Once shoes are delivered and correct size ensured there will be no returns on any shoes.

  • All items sold on this site will be delivered directly to student once all items are available.  This could take 7 days if stock needs to be ordered in.  An email will be sent out when items are ready for pickup.


    Note:  Shoes must be fitted on student at time of delivery to ensure correct fit.

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