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This leotard is required for all Gold Medal, Gold Star and all Senior Ballet & Tap Classes.

Leotard should fit firmly allowing only small wrinkles across back for growing room.


Child Sizes $44

Adult Sizes $47

Senior 'Red' Leotard

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Exchanges for a different size are permitted at the time of pickup but delivery of the exchanged items will not be availble until the next day.  There will be no exchanges or refunds on shorts, leotards or tights after delivery of items.

  • All items sold on this site will be delivered directly to student once all items are available.  This could take 7 days if stock needs to be ordered in.  An email will be sent out when items are ready for pickup.


    Note:  Shoes must be fitted on student at time of delivery to ensure correct fit.

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