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Preferred style for classes




Both child and adult sizes are on this list

Sizes are listed from 7 through to A9 ('A' meaning adult size)


Be sure to note width of shoe before purchase

Ballet shoes come in 4 widths (NN - very narrow, N - narrow, M - average, W - very wide)


Sizings are similar to street/school shoes.


The Dance Base Support helps build strength in the small important (Intrinsic) muscles of the foot by providing controlled resistance. The development of these muscles is key to supporting a dancers foot work development and the prevention of many common lower leg injuries.



Book a fitting to determine your size of your first pair.


Upon delivery shoes must be fitted onto student ensure correct sizing.


Ballet Shoes - Stretch Canvas

  • Once shoes are delivered and correct size ensured there will be no returns on any shoes.

  • All items sold on this site will be delivered directly to student once all items are available.  This could take 7 days if stock needs to be ordered in.  An email will be sent out when items are ready for pickup.


    Note:  Shoes must be fitted on student at time of delivery to ensure correct fit.

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